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Free Balance and Bloom Hour

Free Balance and Bloom Hour

You're busy, filling many roles in your life.  Professional, business owner, entrepreneur, partner, care giver, friend, parent, employee, employer... I'm sure you can add to this list! The Balance and Bloom hour is one hour to dedicate to yourself.  Fill it with anything that fills you.  My invitation is that you turn off distractions, set yourself up to use the time in the way it will best serve you, and dedicate this hour to yourself.  You'll intentionally focus on whatever serves you, and save the hour in tandem with our community so we can support one another.  Spend the hour in reflection and meditation, working on a task you've procrastinated for far too long, getting a handle on some planning to make the next week smoother, engaging in self care, reading a book, even taking a nap... it does not matter, so long as that time fills you up.

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