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Welcome to Intentional Private Practice

I'm so glad you're here!  This is your home base for free resources as well as products and courses to create the private practice of your dreams, grown from YOUR unique value system!  Marketing, Mindset, Money, Management... yeah, we got all that!  And don't forget to join the FB group for more talk!  You'll want to get started by claiming your practice building checklist--an all-the-things guide to values identification and checklists covering everything you need to get started!  If you're looking for my workbook, you'll find it on Amazon in ebook and print versions!

Available Products

The Resource Vault!

I'm so glad you're here!  The resource vault is where you'll find all my free tools!  You'll access my ultimate guide to defining your niche--the starting point you need for a well thought through private practice marketing campaign.   The Values Aligned Practice Development Guide will help you identify your unique business values and apply them to your work.  You'll also want to grab my private practice checklist--an all-the-things guide to getting started.  My recently added telehealth resources will help your practice weather the pandemic.  And be sure to join our FB group for more conversation and inspiration! 

Essential Self Care Coaching Group Feb 2021

Are you ready to make self-care an essential priority in 2021?  Let's face it... 2020 was rough on helpers and healers. The Essential Self-Care for Helpers and Healers Coaching Group is your chance to nurture and recharge your soul, with a lasting plan for ongoing care. It's time to take care of our own needs by addressing our self-care mindset, learning and refreshing our care strategies, gathering the support of one another, creating actionable rituals for daily care, and problem solving obstacles.  You're craving this, so join us!

Individual Coaching Packages

Ready to explore how to take your business to the next level?  We'll craft a coaching and consultation practice that takes your business from bleah to yeah--a business where you are free to serve your ideal clients, supported by aligned business policies and practices, and sustained by a consistent and profitable marketing plan.  I have limited space for individual coaching clients and begin with a clarity call to explore fit.  It's a great no obligation opportunity to clarify your goals!  

Intentional Private Practice Workbook

It's here!  I'm so excited to share with you the launch of my Intentional Private Practice Workbook!  This is your all-the-things guide to launching and growing your mental health private practice.  We'll start with values clarification and then move into identifying your ideal client, branding, office considerations, policies and procedures, money and rate issues, networking, and marketing!  You'll grow your practice from where ever you are now--maybe in the dreaming stage, maybe in the building stage, maybe in the full-but-not-real-happy stage.  A financially and emotionally sustainable practice is within your reach, and I'll show you how to get there in this practical and down to earth guide.  

Trello Workshop

You're passionate about your work and highly skilled at helping your clients reach their goals.  But what's helping YOU reach YOUR Goals?  One of the biggest problems I hear from entrepreneurs and private practice owners is that they just can't get all the pieces organized.  In the Trello Workshop, I'll orient you to what you can do with this tool, and show you my favorite ways to manage my work using Trello.  I'll also share my top 5 Trello boards that you can customize for your own work!  You'll be up and running in Trello before you can say, well, Trello!

Using Video in Private Practice: Networking, Marketing, and Therapy

Looking for a unique way to share more of you with the world through your marketing and networking efforts? Excited to share more of you on your website or through social media?  Considering jumping into online therapy but not sure about the tools and business considerations?  Then this mini course is perfect for you.  We'll look at all the tools you'll need to successfully start your video studio, then we'll consider applications and business considerations for using video in marketing, networking, and therapy.  

IPP Kick Start Coaching Group: Wait List

Ready to take your practice to the next level?  My Practice Building Coaching Group is your Kick Start to launching, growing, or re-defining your private practice!  A blend of individual and group coaching, we explore Mindset, Management, Money, and Marketing to define the practice that is just right for you!  Get on the waitlist to be alerted to the next start date and all the details.  Don't miss out, spots are limited and I open registration to the waitlist first!

Countertransference  as a Catalyst for Therapeutic Change and Values Aligned Business Practices

In this free podcast interview, you'll learn how to use your own reactions to clinical situations to aid in therapeutic change and to create values aligned business practices and policies.  It's free to listen, and if you're a clearly clinical member you can earn a continuing education credit!

10 Days to Work-From-Home Balance

What, your business plan didn't include a global pandemic?  Need to quickly pivot to working from home while retaining your sanity?  My 10 Days to Work-From-Home Balance Daily Planner and Companion Workbook will help you set yourself up for work at home success. We'll begin by exploring mindset, then determine helpful boundaries around your space, your time, and your responsibilities.  Finally, we'll look at intentionally scheduling self care and connection and set goals in these areas.  This product is yours, absolutely free, as my gift to you as we move into these uncharted waters together.  Enjoy!  

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