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Trello Workshop

4 Modules


I'm so glad you're here!  Thank you for purchasing the Trello Workshop.  You should have received a welcome email with some instructions about setting up a Trello account (if you don't already have one) prior to the workshop.  Go into the Welcome module for a video on how to get started with your Trello account.  Got questions?  The best place to ask them are in my closed facebook group, Intentional Private Practice--Community.  Hop over there now!

Your Sample Boards to Get Started!

These are the links you'll need to set up the 5 boards I review in the workshop.  You can tweak them, rename them, changed the backgrounds, etc, once you copy them to your trello account.  Just log into trello, then paste the URL for each of my boards.  Those are public boards.  When you have the public board open, click on menu (far right), click on show more, find "copy", click copy.  Give it your own name (or minimally take out the word sample to differentiate it).  Now close my sample board and you should see your new board in your trello account.  

Workshop Video

Here's the video!  If you want to follow along and work on your own trello account, you might want to run this on a tablet or a backup computer (if you have two) and then work on your main computer.  You can also just have two windows open and pause the video as needed while you work in your trello account!

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